Municipal Round-Up — March 19

All the News That's Fit to Tweet

Guidebook Has Us Lost

Friends — the Guidebook discussion in Calgary is truly bizarre.

A proposal headed in front of Calgary City Council next week is an innocuous document called the Guidebook for Great Communities. The document will provide guiding policy on densification in neighbourhoods, tools to protect and grow community parks, and proactive policies to address climate change.

Work on the proposal began before the 2017 municipal election. It’s been part of a multi-term project led by Ward 9 councillor and former urban planner, Gian-Carlo Carra. It includes the Municipal Development Plan of 2009 and local area plans.

This week, Ward 11 councillor and mayoral candidate, Jeromy Farkas, handed out flyers that raise concerns about how the proposal might take away the ‘unique community character’ of neighbourhoods. He’s trying to convince other councillors to join with him and Ward 4 Councillor Sean Chu.

Calgary Herald columnist Licia Corbella referred to the Guidebook as Orwellian doublespeak designed to fool you into accepting a policy that is coming for your neighbourhood.

Journalist Annalise Klingbeil quipped about the expense of a wrap-around ad that appeared on the front of the Herald.

Women and Politics

Papastew candidate Kirsten Goa brought awareness this week to some Edmonton policies that affect women. Rage Against the Municipal plans to dig deeper into these topics over the upcoming week. Stay tuned for a panel this coming Wednesday 8PM on Facebook Live!

Meanwhile in #YEG

There were two big announcements in the Edmonton candidate race this week. Former schoolboard trustee Michael Janz announced his run in papastew. And councillor Andrew Knack announced he will run again for a seat in the newly developed Ward of Nakota Isga.

Then this self-proclaimed (in his Twitter bio) TMZ of #YEGCC tweeted a rumour about what Knack’s announcement means. There’s been constant speculation that if former Member of Parliament Amarjeet Sohi runs for mayor in Edmonton, Knack would not.

The Fight for Downtown Parking

Edmonton mayoral candidate Cheryll Watson released a policy platform and tweeted about a concern, she says, that she’s heard about — the cost of downtown parking. This kicked off a debate about whether this is needed in downtown Edmonton.

Both editors of this newsletter say no.

But not everyone agrees with us!

Let’s TikTok Politics

Calgary candidates are getting innovative in their outreach. Candidate Jasmine Mian launched a discussion on what the city does for you as a part if her campaign. It’s cute and charming.

Not a Sponsored Post — It’s Just Cool

Friend of the newsletter, Paul Fairie, teaches a course on local government through the University of Calgary’s continuing education department. Check it out for $75!

The Dinger is Back

Minister of Justice Kaycee Madu granted the Calgary Sun’s Rick Bell an exclusive interview to discuss coming recall legislation extending into municipalities. It was an interesting column.

Some thought the enterprise was a bit torqued. Okay, a lot torqued.

Candidate Survey

We have created and are distributing a survey that asks all municipal candidates about their campaign vision for their community in 2021. The links are going out over the next month or so as more people announce their candidacy. If you are running for a seat in this year’s municipal elections and interested in filling it out, send us an email

Group Subscriptions

Rage Against the Municipal is offering group subscriptions for workplaces (we see you, government workers) or political candidate offices who are interested. Send us an email at to inquire.